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The Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for Development (Cyted) and RedCLARA announced the launch of a platform that will preserve the knowledge of courses and workshops generated by the research and development groups that receive Cyted's support, offering it in a simple and accessible way to the experts that make up the so-called "Thematic Networks", the associations of R&D groups of public or private entities and companies that are under the scope of the program.

The initiative was carried out through the MiLab Project, a cloud service platform that supports the work of research groups and institutions associated with RedCLARA in data and project management, the preservation of their digital history and collaborative work. Cyted decided to use the platform components because they allow information organization, federated access to the service, easy editing and generation of the corresponding web page for each course, and automatic updating of the information.

According to Rafael Mayo, manager of the Cyted ICT Area Committee, the collaboration with RedCLARA made it possible to build an open, robust and accessible platform for the benefit of their communities. "We managed to bring together in a single point all the courses, workshops and tutorials that the different thematic networks have given or are going to give within their activities and that all the teaching work that is done within CYTED is not lost", he commemorates.

From a technical point of view, the joint activities included parameterizing the solution, creating a video tutorial for requesting courses and editing content, developing a form for requesting their creation, and running a test. pilot with one of the Thematic Networks. In addition, the web page of the courses was created through G-Lab and an editing environment and tutorials were provided for the instructors. After these coordination, parameterization, testing and adjustment activities, the solution was deployed and will begin to be used by the Networks from the end of the third quarter of 2023.

To access the platform and get further information, please visit


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The efforts of cooperation between research and education networks (NREN) and the possibility of forming a global community between them are some of the topics of the 2023 edition of the Internet2 Community Exchange, which has been taking place since Monday May 8 until Friday the 12th, in Atlanta, Georgia.

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