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Gender strategy

Gender strategy for RedCLARA:
Connecting through Diversity

In the dynamic context of research and education in Latin America, the implementation of a gender strategy is an imperative need for RedCLARA. The inclusion of diverse perspectives, especially women's voices, will significantly enrich the scientific and technological landscape. Gender diversity not only strengthens the innovative capacity of the network but also contributes to equity in participation, ensuring that women academics and researchers have equal opportunities to lead and contribute in a meaningful way. Creating an inclusive environment is an ethical responsibility and a key strategy to enhance the quality and relevance of collaborations in RedCLARA by aligning the organization's goals with global values of equity and sustainability.

Implementing this gender strategy is not only an essential step towards building a more just and equitable community but will also strengthen RedCLARA's position as a leader in promoting gender equality in research and education in Latin America. By recognizing and supporting the talents of women in the network, RedCLARA will not only enrich the quality of its projects and decision-making but will also set an inspiring example for other organizations, consolidating its commitment to excellence and equity in regional and international collaboration.


  • Increase representation: Set goals to increase the active participation of women in RedCLARA activities and projects.

  • Awareness and Training: Implement awareness and training programs to raise awareness of the importance of gender diversity and provide tools to promote it.

  • Leadership Development: Support the development of women leaders within the RedCLARA community and encourage their participation in leadership and decision-making roles.


  • Capacity Building: Create knowledge instances within the institution that provide tools to team members in each of the areas.

  • Inclusive events: Organize events that promote equal participation, including panels and conferences with a strong female presence.

  • Establish and monitor indicators: Collecting and publishing gender-disaggregated data to evaluate and improve representation in all RedCLARA initiatives.

  • Articulation with RNIEs: Establish a working group with members of national networks to jointly develop actions in the region.

Evaluation and monitoring:

  • Establish a monitoring and evaluation system to measure progress in implementing the gender strategy.

  • Collect regular feedback from the community to adjust and improve ongoing initiatives.


  • Develop communication campaigns that highlight RedCLARA's achievements and progress in promoting gender equality.

  • Promote transparency and accountability in all actions related to the gender strategy.


  • Collaborate with other regional and international organizations to share best practices and strengthen joint efforts towards gender equality.

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