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MoU - LifeWatch ERIC

The European Consortium for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research Infrastructures, LifeWatch ERIC, represented by its CEO, Christos Arvanitidis, and the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks, RedCLARA, represented by its Executive Director, Luis Eliécer Cadenas, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), for the coordination and development of cooperation activities to promote science and research in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Signed on December 2023, the agreement sets out specific lines of collaboration, such as the development of a common agenda for participation in key events, the generation of joint proposals for grants or lines of funding and reciprocal collaboration in virtual research laboratories, including access to MiLab, managed by RedCLARA, and Virtual Research Environments (VREs) developed by LifeWatch ERIC.

Recognising the different technical characteristics of the environments, the entities committed to generate specific agreements to ensure compatibility, especially in data loading, management and processing, so that the platforms and systems of both institutions were interoperable and facilitate the efficient flow of information, within the framework of the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) principles in all shared data, services, VREs and other research products. Regarding the blockchain, the MoU establishes that the entities will share knowledge, experiences and best practices to strengthen their capabilities and jointly advance in the adoption and adaptation of solutions that respond to the current and future needs of the scientific and technological community. The agreement endorses the shared vision of innovating and collaborating for a more secure, transparent and efficient data management.

Specifically, the commitment established is designed to analyse and study blockchain environments that the parties are currently promoting - "LACChain" by RedCLARA and "LifeBlock" by LifeWatch ERIC -, to identify synergies, learning and collaboration points, through mutual development opportunities that allow them to optimise and enhance the use of this technology. In addition, the MoU establishes the creation and strengthening of a Regional Training Platform for the technological tools and solutions offered by LifeWatch ERIC for Latin America and the Caribbean users.

One of the main areas of scientific collaboration will be centred on addressing the challenges associated with climate change, given the relevance of this problem in today's world. The agreement establishes a framework for scientific collaboration through advanced infrastructures focused on this issue, which will strengthen the research capabilities of both institutions and the scientific community in general.

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