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A global Wi-Fi network for the education community, with guarantee of security: this is eduroam! Created in Europe, eduroam is available in more than a hundred countries, allowing students, researchers and staff from research and education institutions to obtain Wi-Fi Internet connection on all participating campuses worldwide.

That way, at their own institutions or when visiting any other participating institution in the world, the users will be immediately connected to the Internet by simply opening their laptop or mobile device.

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Students, researchers and academics

Connect your phones, tablets or laptops to eduroam!

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National Research and Education Networks (NREN)

Offer this valuable service to your research and education community.

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IT units of partner institutions

Find out how and why universities, research centers, colleges and other institutions should implement eduroam.

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Institutions in countries without national networks

Offer this valuable service to your community.


For the research and education community

  • As well as other Wi-Fi networks, eduroam can remember your login information, allowing your devices to automatically connect to the network, regardless of whether you are in Brazil, India, France, Canada or any of the other 100 participating countries.

  • All data transmitted or received using edugain is encrypted, which is why you can perform secure transactions, not always recommended on open networks.

  • eduroam can be used on your computer with Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, and the vast majority of mobile devices.

  • The eduroam configuration can be done by yourself and in less than five minutes you will have access to the global network of Wi-Fi access points.

For the IT units of the institutions and decision makers

  • eduroam provides solution to all the mobile connectivity needs of an institution, allows your community and visitors to connect to the local network and the users to connect in other participating institutions around the world.

  • eduroam avoids the need to create temporary accounts for visiting users, reducing administrative overhead and the support generated by the growing movement of students and researchers between institutions and countries.

  • eduroam facilitates the mobility of its researchers, students and academics by providing simple and secure Wi-Fi access through thousands of participating hotspots across the globe.

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Visit the Eduroam Configuration Assistant (CAT) tool, click on the blue button labeled "eduroam user: download your eduroam installer" and choose your institution name. If it is not listed, check with your institution's IT department and let them know that you need the service.

Adoption Modalities

eduroam can be accessed through RedCLARA in two modalities: direct installation in your own infrastructure (allows the service to be integrated into your systems, so maintenance is done directly by your institution), or in the cloud, in Software as a Service mode (SaaS), with the specialized support of CEDIA (Ecuadorian academic network).


For the research and education community

Contact your institution's Information Technology unit or its decision makers to see how your institution or National Research and Education Network can help you to get eduroam.

For the IT units of the member institutions

Does your country count with a National Research and Education Network? Contact us to help you to provide the eduroam service.

For National Research and Education Networks

Please contact us through the following email: We will help you!

For institution in countries without National Networks

If your country does not have a National Research and Education Network, contact us at and we will assist your institution to become part of eduroam.

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