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Funds and Partners

This tool allows you to identify funding opportunities for the development of research projects, awards and scholarships, as well as to locate and contact potential partners interested in working together in your areas of interest. Funds and Partners has a system of funding alerts that, generated according to the preferences indicated by the user when registering in Colaboratorio, will arrive directly to your email once a week.

About Funds and Partners

Funds and Partners presents the following information:

  • Calls: with information about the calls for submission of projects made by various funding sources, whose expiration dates are close to date. Using the available options, you can sort them alphabetically or by release date. Also, if you know a source of funding that is not included among the options, you may suggest the incorporation of this fund to the database by sending a URL and a message to the administrator.

  • Seeking for Partners: list of possible contacts, filtered from Colaboratorio’s user database, according to the profile information provided by the users.

  • Notifications: publications made by others who seek to find new members for their projects or have announced their willingness to be added to other existing searches. The users can also publish a notice specifying the discipline, their country of origin and providing a brief description of their interests.

How to access 'Funds and Partners'?

Access Colaboratorio with your username and password, and click 'Funds and Partners' in the left side menu. On the right side you’ll find a dynamic space that shows information about possible partners.

At the top of the page is the main menu with a filter to display Partners, Notices and Funds. You'll also find the 'My Alerts' option, where you'll see the information you've marked with the Save icon: calls, possible contacts and announcements from those who are looking for employees for projects.

What information can be found?

Partners: This option displays a list of possible contacts who have enrolled in Colaboratorio and are related to your areas of interest. You can also filter or organize information from potential partners by using ratings such as 'latest', 'oldest' or alphabetically, and set the number of contacts you want to view per page.

In the Advanced Search menu you can further narrow your search through the options of 'scientific discipline', 'institution to which it belongs', country of residence and language.

Warnings: This section allows the user to review posts made by other platform members with similar interests. You can also filter or organize the message information by 'Latest', 'Oldest' or alphabetically and set the number of warnings or publications you want to view per page.

In the Advanced Search menu, you can restrict your search by keywords, scientific subdisciplines, expiration date and country of residence.

Funds: When you select the filter to view the Funds option, you will see the list of funding opportunities, grants and awards. In this list, you can see quick information about the name, summary, number and closing date of the calls. If the user wants to view the complete information, it will be necessary to click on the specific fund title.

What kind of funds is found and how to search?

  • Prize and nomination funds

  • Funds for research or study scholarships

  • Funds for research and innovation and development projects.

With the Search for Words option, you can perform a basic search and filter the results with other criteria to further refine the obtained information. The user can also define the results by criteria such as keywords, scientific discipline, currency type, values, expiration date, country of residence and sponsor. You can also suggest a call by sending the corresponding link and a message to the administrator, from the 'Suggest Fund' button.

Each week, according to the areas of interest defined in your profile, the system will send you, by e-mail, the last funds loaded in these areas. In addition, as part of the updates made in the system, you can filter directly from the top menu all the funds that apply to a country, a function that was developed with RedCEDIA of Ecuador and RedCONARE of Costa Rica to improve the research and retrieval of information.

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