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MiLab is a platform developed to support data management, the preservation of digital history and the collaborative work of research groups associated to RedCLARA.

The reproducibility of science and the controlled transition towards open science are two challenges that MiLab solves for small and medium-sized research groups. How? Simple. MiLaB's four integrated subsystems allow you to properly manage your group's data, research codes and communications, facilitating collaborative work and ensuring the preservation, availability and confidentiality of your information. And this can be accessed by all the members of the networks that form RedCLARA.

MiLAB allows small and medium-sized research groups to face today's main challenges: the reproducibility of science and the controlled transition to open science. This tool was created by RedCLARA to be gradually incorporated into research processes.

The following workflow represents a typical scenario and the incorporation of MiLAB services in each of its steps can be seen in the graphic. In this MiLab flow, everything from data collection and the analysis process to the publication of results are integrated.





Specialized environment for instant communication that can be used from a browser or its application; allows you to maintain, centralize and preserve the group's communications in an orderly manner through the use of thematic channels. These functionalities are guaranteed by the Mattermost software.


Repository specialized in collaborative management of computer code; guarantees its preservation and traceability. Through the use of GitLab software, G-Lab allows you to keep the history of changes along with the information of the people involved in the development cycle.


Provides the computational capabilities needed to perform the analysis of each research project; it can be used from a web environment, without requiring complex logins to servers or other infrastructure. compLab is offered as per the computational resources required by JupyterHUB deployments.


Repository that allows cataloging and preserving data in a safe and easily accessible location; dataLab facilitates collaboration by allowing data disclosure - at the group's discretion - and authorship assurance. This module for managing research data is based on Dataverse software.


For the Research and Education community

Contact your institution's Information Technology unit or its decision makers to determine how your institution and your National Research and Education Network can help you use MiLAB.

For National Research and Education Networks

Contact us at and we will support you.

For institutions in countries that do not have a National Network

If your country does not have a National Research and Education Network, please contact us at

For institutions in countries that do not have a National Network

If your country does not have a National Research and Education Network, please contact us at

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