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MoU – UbuntuNet Alliance

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in September 3rd 2020 by and between UbuntuNet Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation registered as a Trust under Malawi law, and Cooperación Latinoamericana de Redes Avanzadas (RedCLARA), a not-for-profit organisation registered under Uruguayan law, with the purpose of cooperate for mutual benefit in the field of digitalization, information and communications technology. The agreement will run for three years renewable.

UbuntuNet Alliance and RedCLARA will explore opportunities to collaborate with each other regarding some or all of the following:

  1. lmprove IT infrastructure, services, skills and knowledge supporting Latin America and African R&E activities.
  2. Work together to share experiences, good practices, e-infrastructures, services to support Open Science.
  3. Work to create and sustain clusters of R&E groups connecting Africa and Latin America.
  4. Share experiences and technical knowledge at all levels in both organizations.
  5. Look for complementarity, pursuing in this way a better use of resources, and work together to identify new opportunities and projects that allow the promotion and strengthening of research, education and development in the two regions.
  6. Establish a common technical and human framework that foster interoperation at all levels.
  7. Help to evolve the focus of NREN from connectivity to a wider vision of services, including among others data processing capacities, content creation and distribution and collaboration tools in general.
  8. Promote the use and growth of an integrated identity federation.
  9. Strengthen and enrich the working groups and scientific and academic communities of both parties, a.o. by establishing and supporting lasting links between them.
  10. Share experiences and find common support actions to improve community engagement.
  11. Share information and experience on contacts and relationships with international and regional organizations and fora to help find a common ground to express with one voice the views and interests of the Research and Education community and to promote its aims.

UbuntuNet Alliance operates the regional Research and Education Networking organization for Eastern and Southern Africa which interconnects the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and connects them to other regional networks. lt is a major promoter of global R&E network collaboration and manages projects supporting the development of regional networks.

RedCLARA operates the Latin American network which interconnects the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) across Latin America (RedCLARA). Being an important promoter for strengthening the development of science, education, culture, and innovation through the innovative use of advanced networks and their connection with the peers around the world.


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