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FIEL - Identity Federations

Do you want to access multiple services within the largest educational community in the world? The Identity Federations provide you, through your unique institutional account (username and password), access to digital services such as libraries, digital repositories or video conferencing rooms through eduGAIN, in a safe and expeditious manner.

Through FIEL (Identity Federations for Latin American - Federaciones de Identidad para redes de Educación Latinoamericanas), RedCLARA provides and promotes access to these federations among its partner networks and affiliated institutions, bringing users closer to their peers and to multiple services in the region and in other federations around the world. In addition, in institutions within countries of the region that do not yet have academic networks and / or federations, RedCLARA provides this same service through specialized advice, which allows you to connect and access this and the many other services offered by the research and education community.

FIEL is aimed at...

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Students, researchers and scholars

Connect in the safest manner to the services of the largest dedicated academic network in the world!

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National Research and Education Networks

Get connected safely and get closer to the services we have for you!

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IT units of partner institutions

Connect your institution and find out about all the services we have for you!

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Institutions in countries without national networks

Join the security of our network, grow with your institutions and collaborate with networks around the world!


For the research and education community

  • Get access to local, national, regional and international digital services through the largest academic network, covering more than 60 countries in a secure manner.

  • Log in to the services with your institutional username and password, with a single session start that recognizes your identity in all these applications, making your access to them always quick.

For the IT units and decision makers

  • It's easy to manage: Unique authentication system to manage multiple accounts for each user.

  • It facilitates the incorporation of new services for your institution, since users do not have to create new accounts to access them.

  • Great scalability for institutions that manage identities and for the service provider, since the relationship between them occurs through the Federation.

  • Belonging to the largest network of higher education institutions through RedCLARA.


Modalities for adopting FIEL through RedCLARA for Academic Networks and Higher Education Institutions

The Identity Federations can be accessed through RedCLARA in two modalities: direct installation in their own infrastructure (allows the service to be integrated into their systems, so the maintenance is carried out directly by your institution), or in the cloud, in the Software mode as a Service (SaaS), enhanced and with the specialized support of CEDIA (Ecuadorian academic network) or CIRRUS Identity.


For the research and education community

Contact your institution's Information Technology unit or its decision makers to see how your institution or National Research and Education Network can help you to participate in federations.

For the IT units of the member institutions

Does your country count with a National Research and Education Network? Contact us to check the discounts offered and how to get them.

For National Research and Education Networks

Please contact us through the following email: We will help you!

For institution in countries without National Networks

If your country does not have a National Research and Education Network, contact us at and we will assist your institution to become part of our educational and research community.

Identity Federation Policy

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