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TICAL Proceedings

In order to promote exchange and establish working relationships between community members to share experiences and interests in their own areas of work, we have created a repository that includes all papers presented at the annual TICAL Conferences and the Latin American e-Meeting Science. The papers added to this repository are in PDF format, as they have security restrictions and cannot be modified, in compliance with the commitment made with its authors to protect the production.

Perform your search for TICAL documents and publications here.

TICAL2021 Proceedings

Actas TICAL2021

TICAL2020 Proceedings

Actas TICAL2019

TICAL2019 Proceedings

Actas TICAL2019

TICAL2018 Proceedings

Actas TICAL2018

TICAL2017 Proceedings

Actas TICAL2017

TICAL2016 Proceedings

Actas TICAL2016

TICAL2015 Proceedings

Actas TICAL2015

TICAL2014 Proceedings

Actas TICAL2014

TICAL2013 Proceedings

Actas TICAL2013

TICAL2012 Proceedings

Actas TICAL2012

TICAL2011 Proceedings

Actas TICAL2011

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