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Started: May 2008

Finished: November 2010

Funding: OAS - FEMCIDI

General Objective

To bridge the gap related to the insufficient level of e-Science in Latin America, which is understood as the set of scientific activities developed through the use of globally distributed resources through the Internet.


  • RedCLARA (Uruguay) - Coordinating Institution
  • INNOVA|RED (Argentina)
  • ADSIB (Bolivia)
  • RNP (Brazil)
  • REUNA (Chile)
  • RENATA (Colombia)
  • Cedia (Ecuador)
  • RAICES (El Salvador)
  • RAGIE (Guatemala)
  • CUDI (México)
  • RedCyT (Panamá)
  • RAAP (Peru)
  • RAU (Uruguay)
  • CENIT-REACCIUN (Venezuela)

Executive Summary of the Project

This project aims to solve the gap related to the insufficient level of e-Science in Latin America, understood as the set of scientific activities developed through the use of resources distributed in the world through the Internet. Four years ago, Latin America, with the support of the European Commission, implemented a first-class telecommunications infrastructure to enable the scientific and technological community to join the global e-Science movement. However, the scientific activities that are currently being carried out through this infrastructure are still scarce. The lack of articulation and dialogue among researchers, coupled with a low critical mass and the lack of knowledge that still exists about these networks, are some of the reasons for this situation, which translates into an increasing loss of competitiveness in science and technology for the region.

In this context, the purpose of this project is to improve e-Science activities in the areas of science and technology. The results of the project will fill the gaps that currently exist and that hinder the advancement of e-Science. They are the generation of a strategic agenda for e-Science, which articulates and guides the efforts of the countries in this line. On the other hand, work networks will be formed in various disciplinary areas, which will be trained in the potential of advanced networks as a tool for their activities. The skills of a broad group of researchers in the formulation of competitive projects using advanced networks will be improved and an information and collaboration system for e-Science in Latin America will be built. This system, in particular, aims to address a long-standing and widely felt need regarding the lack of information and visibility of scientific activity in the region, as well as the difficulty in articulating networks.

The project will be executed by the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks, in conjunction with thirteen national academic network partners.
The benefits of the project will continue after its completion, as there will be an articulated scientific community capable of undertaking projects through advanced networks.

Products committed to by the project:

Product 1: Strategic Agenda for e-Science, validated by the scientific and technological community of Latin America:

1.1. Documentary Analysis
1.2. Delphi Survey on e-Science in Latin America.
1.3. Regional Dialogues
1.4. Workshop

Product 2: Increase of research groups in science and technology through Advanced Academic Networks:

2.1. Scientific community information
2.2. Conformation and strengthening of working groups in e-Science areas.
2.3. Training of working groups in advanced networks.

Output 3: Increased skills of the scientific community for the identification, formulation and execution of competitive projects through Advanced Academic Networks:

3.1 Design and development of training plan
3.2. Execution of the training plan.

Output 4: Information and collaboration system for science and technology.

4.1 Design and implementation of software and hardware
4.2. Systematization of information
4.3. Management of information and collaboration system

Rambla República de México 6125.
Montevideo 11400. Uruguay.

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