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Ventanilla Abierta


The Ventanilla Abierta for Scientific Research in Latin America and the Caribbean (VA) is a service designed to increase the use and knowledge of e-Infrastructure resources in various fields of research.

Ventanilla Abierta Goals

1. To provide access and support for networking, computing, storage, and trust and identity resources to meet the growing data and collaboration needs of the research community.
2. To inspire new collaborations and understand and serve existing collaborations in Latin America and between the region and other continents.

Who might be a user of the service?

This service is aimed at scientists, academics, and researchers from higher education institutions and research centers in Latin America and the Caribbean (either distributed across the continent and collaborating with other regions of the world, or based in a single country) who need to incorporate open scientific platforms, high-performance computing, data transfer and storage tools, and trust and identity services into their research processes.

All researchers, academics and/or scientists of any discipline are invited to permanently request the help of the National Research and Education Networks established in Latin America and partners of RedCLARA. All fields of knowledge/academia are welcome.


Please write to for support.

Rambla República de México 6125.
Montevideo 11400. Uruguay.

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