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RedCLARA joins the TNC24 conference in France

RedCLARA, Latin America's advanced network for research and education collaboration, will attend the Transnational Networking Conference (TNC24) next week. This year, the French National Research and Education Network (RENATER) hosted the conference.

This participation not only provided the opportunity to showcase the region's achievements but also to establish new strategic alliances and strengthen existing ones with global networks and institutions.

The team representing RedCLARA at this event consisted of Laura Castellana, Academic Projects Coordinator; Tania Altamirano, Academic Relations Manager; Carlos González, Services Manager; and Tiago Monsores, Principal Network Engineer.

"We are thrilled to participate in TNC24 and have the opportunity to share our experiences and achievements with the global community," said the Academic Projects Coordinator. "This event is an invaluable platform to learn from others and to demonstrate how Latin America and the Caribbean are advancing in science and education through technology."

The TNC24 conference took place from June 10 to 14 in Rennes. This annual event, organized by GÉANT, the European advanced network, brings together leaders, experts, and professionals from the technological and academic fields worldwide to share knowledge and experiences and discuss the latest developments in research and education networks.

RedCLARA presented its initiatives and projects that are transforming the landscape of academic and scientific collaboration in Latin America. Among the key topics addressed in its presentations and panels were regional connectivity, international collaboration projects, technological innovations, and education and training.

Additionally, there were specific sessions about key topics such as cybersecurity in research and education, Earth observation, and routing network protection.

In the session "Walking as a Team: Collaborative Security Actions in Research and Education," initiatives from the Latin America and Caribbean regional cybersecurity group were discussed, involving collaboration between RedCLARA, CERN, and GÉANT to form a coordinated front against the growing challenges in the digital world.

Carlos González moderated the session, inviting attendees to resume, replicate, or inspire new collaborations to form a united and multifaceted front against significant challenges in this field.

"The security strategy is crucial for organizations; however, the shortage of experts and resources, coupled with the multilevel structure of security teams, represents a real challenge for many research and education institutions that must be addressed comprehensively and collaboratively," indicated the specialist.

After the session, which included an incident response exercise, attendees confirmed that collaborative work between different organizations, prior preparation activities, and trust between parties are necessary to contain these increasingly global cybersecurity risks.

In the session "Gifts from the Heavens," Laura Castellana presented the Earth observation strategy, highlighting the capabilities and skills developed in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe through the Copernicus Academy program.

Tiago Monsores spoke about how RedCLARA is protecting the research and education networks of Latin America and Europe. He also explained how the RedCLARA engineering team has applied the Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) and achieved a perfect score of 100%.

Finally, Tania Altamirano moderated the session "Let's Talk About Digital Health Transformation," where representatives from RUTE-AL, RedCLARA, and GEANT discussed digital health interventions. They addressed the advances since 2023 and future plans, using the BELLA II project as a reference for more opportunities.

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