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Top 5 films about parallel worlds on Soap2Day

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Movies about alternate worlds appeal to many viewers, but very few films have come out in recent years that lean firmly on this theme. After "Avengers: The Final Destiny," filmmakers realized that people are attracted to alternate realities, time travel and multiple worlds. There will be dozens of parallel worlds in future Marvel films, but what about the films that came out before that?

Top 5 films about parallel worlds

"Parallel Worlds" (2012)

The film tells a riveting love story in an alternate universe. Eden and Adam are in love with each other and can't cross the border, which doesn't stop them. Adam is a simple, humble guy whose life is filled with work. Every day he thinks about the girl and cannot forget her. Eve lives in a parallel world on top of Adam's world. Soon the hero learns of one risky chance to get to her. You can enjoy watching the movie in high quality on Soap2Day.

"House by the Lake" (2006)

Kate Forster gets a job at a Chicago hospital and leaves a beautiful lake house. She leaves a letter apologizing for the dog tracks inside the building. An architect, Alex Wyler, moves in and catches a very old house. He finds no footprints, but soon notices a dog leaving footprints in that very spot. Kate writes a letter to Alex again, and they realize that they live in different times, two years apart.

"Source Code" (2011)

Captain Colter Stevens wakes up and sees Christina across the street claiming to be his wife. Colter realizes that he has ended up in another person's body, but there is an explosion. He is transported to a strange bunker, where Officer Goodwin begins asking questions about what happened. The captain has a difficult mission to find the terrorist who detonated the bomb. The hero participates in an experiment called "Source Code," which allows him to stay in the body of Sean, one of the train passengers, for the last eight minutes of his life

"Doctor Strange" (2016)

The life of Stephen Strange, a world-renowned neurosurgeon, is completely changed by a car accident. Conventional medicine doesn't help restore his hands, so Stephen goes to the mysterious place of Kamar-Taj. The temple turns out to be a base, dealing with mystical forces. Strange, who has gained new magical powers, faces a difficult choice: return to his past life or protect the world in the person of a powerful wizard.

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" (2021)

The whole world learns Spider-Man's real name, so Peter's loved ones are in danger. A friendly neighbor asks for help from Strange, who can bring back the spider's most important secret. But things get out of hand, and a big rift lets in the most powerful villains from a parallel world. Now Peter faces a difficult challenge that could affect the future of the entire universe.

Written by Soap 2 Day