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Red Avanzada de Investigación, Ciencia y Educación Salvadoreña / RAICES

RAICES (Red Avanzada de Investigación, Ciencia y Educación Salvadoreña) is a private non-profit association integrated by six Salvadoran institutions of superior education.

Its board of directors is constituted, at the present time by:
  • President: Rafael Ibarra (UCA)
  • Vice-president: Carlos Urías (UFG)
  • Secretary: Cástulo Hernández (UNICAES)
  • Treasurer: Reina Durán de Alvarado (UDB)
  • Vowel: Jorge Portillo (UTEC)
  • Executive Director: Juan José Sánchez

Executive: Juan José Sánchez -

President: Rafael Ibarra -

Technical: Erick Flores -