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The VC Espresso videoconferencing service is an easy-to-use tool, available 24 hours a day and accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. VC Espresso allows you to schedule and attend web conferences with your peers even when they are not registered at Colaboratorio.

VC Espresso will allow you to take notes, share presentations, and record your meetings while interacting with your peers.

Once registered and logged into Colaboratorio, you can access VC Espresso by clicking on the link that appears in the left side menu of the tool.

The main service page is organized into three sections. On the left side, you can schedule a web conference. The central part lets you join an already created meeting, and on the right side you see all scheduled activities.

You can invite your colleagues and collaborators to your room by sending them the direct access link. From the central menu of the service, you can copy or generate a new pin (4-digit code that allows you to access the service in the role of moderator) to moderate your personal room.

Each user has a personal videoconference room and can access it through the top menu (by clicking on the profile image). Copy the link that appears in VC Espresso Personal Link and paste it into the browser of your choice to gain access to your room.

Click "Schedule a Web Conference". You can schedule a video conference in your personal room or in the living room of one of the communities you are a member of. To do this, fill out the form.

You can create a public access or even a restricted access event that is only available to the people you invite, using the +Add; The system will email the people you've invited. The conferences you've scheduled and those you've been invited to attend will be shown at  ‘Scheduled Videoconferences’ and ‘Videoconferences from my communities.’

To enter a videoconference room, click on the corresponding link for the scheduled videoconference. Enter your name when the system requires it. You can take two roles: Participant or Moderator. If you are the session moderator, slide the bar with this option and enter the pin.

As a participant you can control your audio and video, set the language and layout of the screen; You will also have access to the chat and you can take notes during the meeting. As a moderator or presenter, you can manage the permissions of all participants during the meeting and record the session.

Once inside the room, activate your video and audio with the ‘Share your camera’ and ‘Share your microphone’ icons located in the upper left corner of the screen.

In the window that shows connected users, you can perform actions like:

  • Assume or assign the role of presenter
  • Disabling a participant's camera
  • Select room microphones

Also as a presenter, using the Upload Document button for the presentation, you can share a file (pdf, ppt or jpg) and have control over the management of the frame. You can also conduct surveys among participants and show results.

To record the meeting, click Start recording. In order for the video to be stored on the system, you must stop the recording by selecting the same button and closing the session by clicking Exit. The meeting record will be available in ‘My web conferences’ (route: User Menu> My Files> My Videos / My Web Conferences). There you can download the file or share it with your contacts inside and outside the Colaboratorio, sending them the direct link.

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