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Google joins RedCLARA through an agreement that allows its member institutions to access special discounts in the use and transfer of data to Google Cloud, which in addition to the peerings that RedCLARA has with Google in Brazil and the USA considerably reduce the costs of using the Google cloud in the region. In addition, Bedu Tech offers personalized advice for the implementation of Google Cloud, G Suite for Education and for the use of Artificial Intelligence tools, very useful in the scientific field.

Additionally, the agreement offers the G Suite for Education free of charge and with special discounts for its Enterprise version. The G Suite allows the use of tools that Google has created especially for the educational field, which includes, among others: 

  • Gmail .edu
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Drive
  • Calendar
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Meet for Education
  • Google Sites
  • Google Forms
  • Google Translate
  • YouTube

And thousands of other tools through Google Play, all with quality, security and integration, which make Google one of the best options in the market. 

With this, RedCLARA continues to provide its members with resources specialized in research and education, fostering digitalisation within the region.

Google Cloud & G Suite for Education is for...

Students, researchers and scolars

Partner institutions IT units

National Research and Education Networks

Institution in countries without National Networks


  • Free use of G Suite for Education tools.
  • Discounts on Google Cloud.
  • Discounts on advice for the use of Artificial Intelligence tools.
  • Advice and easy installation of G Suite for Education in your institution.
  • Discounts on use and data transfer with security and special prices for the use of peering in advanced networks.
  • Integration of services for your students, academics and researchers.
  • Discounts on advice for the use of Artificial Intelligence tools.


For the research and education community

Do you want to purchase Google Cloud or implement G Suite in your institution?

To request your quote and more information on applicable prices and discounts, write to .

For the IT units of the institutions and decision makers

Does your country count with a National Research and Education Network? Contact us to check the discounts offered and how to get them.

For National Research and Education Networks

Please contact us through the following email: . We will help you! 

For institution in countries without National Networks

If your country does not have a National Research and Education Network, contact us at  and we will assist your institution to become part of our educational and research community.

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