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Optimize your institution's resources to the maximum and enter the new digital age with all the options that migrating to the Microsoft Azure cloud can offer you. Discover the options that Microsoft Azure - the ecosystem of Microsoft cloud solutions - has to support institutions to meet their objectives, facilitating the implementation, administration and monitoring of their applications, relying on a solid infrastructure worldwide operated.

Access the provisioning of Microsoft Azure reserved instances using the CSP Store platform, which - supplied by Nexsys - allows users to add, modify and cancel subscriptions, automatically in reserved instances of Microsoft Azure through real-time web services; all this, with the support of a qualified and constantly evolving team.

Microsoft Azure can help you manage existing solutions or quickly deploy ready-to-use or custom solutions, with no investment costs, just paying for usage. It also provides flexible pricing and purchasing options, for all cloud scenarios.

Microsoft Azure with NEXSYS CSP Store Services are for...

Research and Education Institutions IT Units

National Research and Education Networks


Microsoft Azure is:

• A reliable infrastructure and platform as a service solution.
• It is ready for hybrid use.
• It is open and flexible.
• It is always operational, ready to go.
• It is inexpensive and scalable.
• It is everywhere.
• You can have all the services you require: virtual machines, database management and administration, active directory, web and mobile applications, storage, recovery and backup.

In addition, the CSP Store platform allows:

• Provision your subscriptions in real time in all modalities: monthly, annual and perpetual.
• Access discounts on administration costs.
• Manage services through mobile access.
• Have specialized support.


Check out the Microsoft Azure use case at Politecnico di Milano here: 


For National Research and Education Networks

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