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Through Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Analytikus provides educational institutions with tools to lower student dropout rates, streamline admissions processes and connect students with personalized academic resources to position themselves in the job market.

With a team that has hundreds of hours of experience in strategic education, data, and advanced analytics projects, Analytikus develops simple solutions to complex problems, enabling educational institutions to address these challenges in the best way.

Through platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Analytikus employs a range of software applications to use historical information, modeling mathematical algorithms to predict and/or segment this data, providing accurate predictions for each case, solving different kinds of business problems.

Analytikus Services are for...

Research and Education Institutions IT Units

National Research and Education Networks


  • Special discounts on implementation and concept testing for partner institutions and networks.

  • Specialized training when purchasing the software.


Private University of the North (Peru) 

University with 75 thousand students. Using Analytikus' Foresight™ solution, since 2016, UPN has reduced student dropout and doubled student numbers, increasing the number of virtual courses and opening three new headquarters.


For the research and education community

Does your country have a National Research and Education Network? Contact it to find out about discounts and how to access them.

If your country does not have a National Research and Education Network, please contact us by email () and we will support you in the process of making your institution part of our educational and research community.

For National Research and Education Networks

If you have questions about this or other services, write to .