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NEG is the group in charge of the design, planning and implementation of RedCLARA (network engineering plan). Its tasks include developing RedCLARA, expanding its services, improving its technical and operational features, and supervising its operation (role played by the NOC) and services.

In terms of service development and RedCLARA’s expansion, the NEC is engaged in:
  • Consolidating the traffic exchange agreements with Academic Networks in Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe.
  • Analysing RedCLARA’s security.
  • Designing the set of basic quality indicators for RedCLARA.
  • Conducting traffic analysis.
  • Developing and implementing quality of service in RedCLARA (QoS).
  • Planning and installing new national networks connected to RedCLARA.
  • Establishing the operation mechanisms of a videoconference server (VC).
  • Establishing the MCU operation mechanisms for VC.

As regards the engineering plan, the NEG performs the following tasks:
  • Defining the 2008-2012 Service Plan.
  • Determining bandwidth needs.
  • Establishing the transport resources available.
  • Developing the Technical Plan.
  • Discussing the Technical Strategy with National Networks.
  • Discussing the Technical Strategy with member institutions.
  • Developing the RedCLARA2 Project for the ALICE2 proposal, in agreement with the Engineering Plan thus constructed.
  • Implementing the first stages of RedCLARA’s optical fibre.


RedCLARA’s Network Operation Centre, NOC, is provided by CUDI (Mexican NREN).

Based in Mexico City, the NOC deals with the everyday operation of the network. It is in charge of the everyday administration, control, monitoring and operation of all physical and logical infrastructures which make up RedCLARA’s backbone. Its work aims to ensure high levels of performance and operation of the network and its interconnections.

As RedCLARA’s NEG (Network Engineering Group), the NOC reports to RedCLARA’s Technical Committee, whose aim is to keep the network at the frontier of IP network advanced services. This objective must be fulfilled through the coordination of the NOC and the NEG. Furthermore, the Technical Committee must provide the best information and the highest possible flow of communications between both groups, protecting those technical and political issues of RedCLARA’s members.

Phone: +52 556 394 0843
Skype: redclara-noc


VSOG is the area in charge of operating RedCLARA’s added value services. Its primary goal is to implement an extend the slot of dayly time for the support of the operation of services, optimizing human resources to achieve a higher level of service and to unify the processes to facilitate the communication with our internal and final customers.

Office hours

VSOG operates between 0:00 AM GMT and 2:00 PM GMT, that is, from 7:00 AM in Brazil until 6:00 PM in Mexico, meeting the requirements of the community connected to RedCLARA in its complete workday.

Functions and activities

The VSOG is an area designed for the operation of services and has the following functions:
  • To attend the requirements, requests and reports of RedCLARA’s customers, related to the Portal services and infrastructure, providing a high level of service and maintaining a permanent communication about its changes and advances.
  • To develop the operation services of the videoconferencing network, such as: coordination of events, rooms certification, testing, control and maintenance of related processes.
  • To maintain the video systems and its elements in order to ensure its correct operation, making monitoring, support and redistribution of resources, among others.
  • To develop engineering and operation tasks in the systems (servers, MCU's, NAS, etc.) that are supporting the RedCLARA services. This activity should be developed with high standards of engineering and under the guidelines of the technical management of RedCLARA.
  • To detect and solve problems with the systems and services of RedCLARA, keeping updated all the documentation of solutions and used procedures.
  • To carry out other routine tasks of operation, such as monitoring systems, support for operating systems and information and internal support.
Support channels

The VSOG has the following contact channels:
Skype: vsog.redclara
Phone: + 56-2-25848618 Annex 511
Colaboratorio: The "Videoconference and Systems Operations Group (VSOG)" community

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