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“At RedCLARA, and I am sure that in the community of our networks, we believe that the place to initiate this change is education. We need to invest in education and create and strengthen the tools to make that investment as effective as possible. With such levels of underinvestment, our organizations have an important story to tell and relevant contributions to make. The academic networks of the world are a role model, they have a mode of action, an ethos, that show the potential of our species when guided by the right emotions. The world of networks, we have endeavoured to put people forward, to allow them not only to continue with their lives, but to advance, and that is something that gives hope and strength to face everything the hardest, more than technological networks, we are a VERY HUMAN network ”. These heartfelt words from the Executive Director of RedCLARA, Luis Eliécer Cadenas, were part of the opening speech of the tenth edition of TICAL and the fourth of the Latin American e-Science Meeting that began today at 14:00 GMT online on the


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Those of us who work in the organization of TICAL2020 and the 4th Latin American e-Science Meeting want to thank you for your registration and participation in this, the tenth version of our annual meeting. Yes! We will be 10 years! Well, the pandemic that affects us globally led us to live this edition remotely, taking advantage of the benefits that technology offers, which this time allows us to meet virtually, taking advantage of all the applications that will allow us to interact in a fluid and efficient way , thanks to an alliance established between RedCLARA, Google and BeduTech.