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Annual report: Get to know everything RedCLARA accomplished in 2020

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The growth of the network infrastructure, the development of new services and communities, and the consolidation of the BELLA Project are some of the topics addressed in the RedCLARA Annual Report for the year 2020, now available for download and consultation in digital and / or PDF versions.

The institutional memory also has chapters dedicated to the alliances created by RedCLARA throughout the year of the pandemic, such as the one that made possible the creation of the Latin American Telemedicine University Network (RUTE-AL) and the development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean, in addition to the recapitulation of TICAL2020 and a word from the president of the Board of Directors of the regional network, Eduardo Grizendi.

RedCLARA's 2020 annual report is available in PDF and Web Format. To review the reports of previous years, please visit