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Peering between AWS and RedCLARA is already active

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A few months after the signing of a peering agreement, the connection between RedCLARA and Amazon Web Services (AWS) became effective on Wednesday, August 7, with the installation of 10GBps of direct peering in Brazil and another 10 Gbps in Miami.

According to RedCLARA’s Technical Manager Marco Teixeira, this “means that RedCLARA and AWS are now directly linked, so that for members of the Latin American advanced network, it is no longer necessary to go through the commercial Internet to send and receive data to/from AWS ”, which is very important when considering that the Internet commodity offers no quality assurance of any kind.

For RedCLARA's Executive Director, Luis Eliécer Cadenas, "this connection will allow national networks and institutions that acquire cloud services through RedCLARA-AWS agreement to have appropriate technical features for these services."

The peering between the two institutions complements actions initiated in March 2019, when RedCLARA and CloudHesive LATAM signed a letter of intent to provide AWS cloud services to the Latin American network member institutions.