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RedCLARA in eLAC2015 priorities

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eLAC2015The “Proposal for a Plan of Action for the Information and Knowledge Society in Latin America and the Caribbean (eLAC2015)”, signed at the Third Ministerial Conference on Information Society of Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Lima, Peru, from 21 to 23 November 2010, highlights the relevance of RedCLARA in its 23rd Goal.

“Goal 23: To provide broadband connection for all educational institutions, increasing the density of computers, as well as the use of converging educational resources. In this context, to promote public policies which support collaborative teaching and research activities through the use of national and regional research and education networks. In particular, to promote support for the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (CLARA) and CARIBnet in the management and procurement of passive infrastructure, thus strengthening the regional science, technology, research and innovation network.”

The inclusion of RedCLARA in the eLAC2015 priorities is a sign not only of the necessary political support required by the future sustainability of the regional advanced networking infrastructure, but also a promise for scientific and academic development and progress across the continent.

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