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Training organized by RENATA and BDCOL concludes today

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Seventy RENATA member institutions were trained on the progress and potential of digital repositories integrated into Colombian Digital Library (BDCOL), on days that were spread out over more than three months. Advanced network infrastructure was used to teach the course.


  The first version of an integrated training in digital repositories to BDCOL ends today with successful results, with a total participation of 140 people from 70 institutions belonging to the National Academic Network of Advanced Technology of Colombia (RENATA).

The training began on November 22 and was developed with institutions from Medellín, Bucaramanga, Cali, Bogotá, Barranquilla, Pasto, Cartagena and Pereira. Through the activity, BDCOL and RENATA reinforces the opportunities that digital repositories offer the academic community and entities related to the advanced network and what it should do an institution to participate in those benefits.

"The training was conducted in three parts: starter and accompanying video, virtual course of 13 weeks with alliance RENATA-BDCOL-OUI and attendance days in the regions. Involving two people from each of the 70 institutions belonging to RENATA, one of the strategic planning and a technical part, "said Malgorzata Lisowska, Director of the Library of the “Universidad del Rosario” and a leader in such initiatives.

Lisowska, who is also the main organizer of the Latin American Community Libraries and Digital Repositories (COLABORA), explained that the comprehensive strategy in which they inserted this training is aimed at uniting institutions to the BDCOL, which expected year-end add at least 30 institutional repositories.

The BDCOL is the Colombian Network of Repositories and Digital Libraries that indexes all academic, scientific, cultural and social development production of higher education institutions, research centers, documentation centers and libraries in the country overall.

The course encouraged the institutions to join the BDCOL, by addressing topics such as RENATA and possibilities of academic communication, what is the BDCOL -mission, vision, objectives, policies, progress and achievements, the management model this and what to do to join it.

"RENATA financed the entire strategy and it has also accompanied closely the implementation of the course. In addition the course is delivered entirely using advanced networks, using the bandwidth offered, using the benefits of ICT, "said Lisowska.

The next year, BDCOL and RENATA plan a similar strategy with 70 other institutions that could not participate in the first release of this year. "We are also ready in May next year a regional conference to promote the use of advanced networks and institutional repositories, in our region," said Lisowska.