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RENATA will transmit conference on Creativity Assessment

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Alejandro Boada Ortiz, a member of the Latin American Education and Research Community, URDIMBRE, will give a lecture today on how to assess creativity in students. The event is organized by the Polytechnic Grancolombianoand will be broadcast by RENATA.

The development of creativity and innovation in students is an important element for educational institutions. However, properly assess the creative ideas from the classroom remains a challenge for many teachers, as the evaluation criteria may cloud for a set of subjectivity of the evaluator and evaluated.

Is it possible to assess the creativity? To answer this question, the Polytechnic Grancolombiano has organized a lecture by Alejandro Boada Ortiz, Director of the Center for Technology and Production, Faculty of Business Administration.

The conference will take place later today and will be broadcast by the National Advanced Technology Academic Colombia (RENATA).

Boada, who is a member of the URDIMBRE community supported by COMCLARA, explain how the training for innovation by itself does not constitute an advance in the organization or society, but must be preceded by a strong background in creativity, and followed a display that makes it possible from the classroom creative ideas to be evaluated properly. Hence the importance of knowing how to evaluate the development of this important element.

Italian-Colombian nationality, Alejandro Boada Ortiz is also director of graduate programs in "Innovation and Business Development" and "Environmental Management."