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RENATA transmitted final conference Ondas programme

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The closing of the Training Strategy of regional actors of Ondas programme  in Colombia, was in the hands of the exhibitor Marco Raul Mejia, who spoke of new projects for 2011. The conference was transmitted by RENATA.

Closing Conference 2010 reminded to Regional Actors of Ondas Programme, though just the year is ending, plans to research teaching strategies are just beginning. The exhibitor is responsible for final talk, Marco Raúl Mejía, predicted a 2011 with a lot of work in this regard.

Among the topics that were touched are the training, support, virtualization and systematization of expertise to improve technology teaching practices. In addition, the effort involves a promotional component of all knowledge they are generating regional actors.

This effort was carried out in Colombia. The Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (Colciencias) is working on this to create new conditions of knowledge production.

As an impetus to activities how are you, the National Network of Advanced Technology (RENATA) broadcast live conference Mejía. Entire academic community connected to the network and could access it RedCLARA live through page.

Actor Training

Ondas program is responsible for self-learning, collaborative training, knowledge production and appropriation of knowledge. To this end, its members are betting that standardize education, but promotes the abilities of people. It's about creating a self-awareness of what everyone knows, to exploit to the fullest and generate a steady development at regional level. In this way, they claim that education is liberating.

This view is not unrelated to the physical and social environment of each of the actors. Ondas work aims to take into account the history and characteristics arise where all these actors.

Closing Conference 2010 is a project that sought to transcend and which is expected important feedback from all the coordinators and departmental teaching teams. This will generate knowledge production scenarios quite rewarding.