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When we talk about interregional and intercontinental collaboration supporting the development of university physics students, we mean LA-CoNGA physics

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On January 18th, the representatives of LA-CoNGA physics welcomed the seventy students from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, who will be part of the first group of advanced physics postgraduate courses compatible with the model of the European Union. This ERASMUS + CBHE project co-financed by the European Commission with the participation of universities from the mentioned countries, university and scientific institutions in Europe, and RedCLARA, is committed to the development of a collaborative offer of specialized learning, with the participation of 11 universities in Latin America and Europe.


(By Ysabel Briceño, LA CoNGA physics) The seventy students, belonging to 13 universities in the four countries, will take part in the initiative in different ways, as part of the master's programs that aligned their academic programs with the pedagogical offer of LA CoNGA physics, or as assistants in some of the created courses (Data Science, Instrumentation or Theory). Colombia occupies more than half of the places in the first class, followed by Peru.

During the welcoming ceremony, students shared their expectations and impressions about LA-CoNGA physics. Among them, the recognition of the project stands out as an opportunity to improve scientific skills in a collaborative environment. The space also served to introduce those responsible for each module and the tutors who will keep the students company during the course development.

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