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April 21,1 PM ET: "Connecting the Poles: The Final Frontier of Research and Education Networking?" Webinar

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Are the poles the final frontiers of research and education (R&E) networking? While there is an array of terrestrial, marine, and atmospheric instruments that stream data to R&E networks - and thus to researchers worldwide - polar research instruments and the valuable data they collect remain disconnected from the global web of R&E networks. Given the tremendous importance of polar regions in understanding climate change, what are the technical, political, and research implications of connecting the Arctic and Antarctica to the global research and education network? 

Come learn from Dr. David Holland, who studies sea level change in the Arctic and Antartica, who will provide an overview of his current research and the challenges in sharing data collected at the poles. Dr. Holland is a Professor of Mathematics and Atmosphere-Ocean Science at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, Director of the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (EFDL) in New York City, and Director of the Center for Sea Level Change at New York University Abu Dhabi. 

Then hear from Paola Arellano, Executive Director of REUNA, the NREN in Chile, and a representative from a national authority (TBC), who are leading the charge to connect Patagonia to the NREN in Chile and thus to the global NREN community, or GREN. 

Following these presentations join us for a round table with NREN leaders including Luis Eliécer Cadenas, Executive Director, RedCLARA; Jim Ghadbane, President and CEO, CANARIE; and Howard Pfeffer, President and CEO, Internet2. 

The webinar will be presented in English but simultaneous interpretation to French, Spanish and Portuguese is available. Register here!



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