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September 13, 7 PM GMT: "Steven Weinberg: The Standard Model" LACoNGA Seminars

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This special event will be held with the aim of honoring the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979, who died on July 23 and is considered one of the icons of Contemporary Physics. The organization is in charge of the ERASMUS + LACoNGA Physics postgraduate seminar in cooperation with the Seminar of the Postgraduate Ecosystem of the School of Physics of the Industrial University of Santander (Bucaramanga-Colombia).

The discussions will be led by Fernando Quevedo, a Latin American physicist recognized worldwide for his contributions in String Theories and who did his doctorate with Steven Weinberg at the University of Texas, Austin. Fernando, who is part of the advisory committee of LACoNGA Physics, has been the Director of the International Center for Theoretical Physics of Trieste (ICTP).

On the occasion, Quevedo will lead attendees to a tour by Weinberg's great discoveries, such as the description of electromagnetism and the so-called weak nuclear interaction and the construction of the standard model of elementary particles, one of the most successful models in the history of physics. He will also talk about the depth of his writings (disciplinary and outreach) and will tell anecdotes that everyone wants to know about who was trained by of one of the greatests.

The activity will take place through the LA-CoNGA Physics YouTube channel and can be followed at