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July 31, 3pm GMT: "Learning through exploration and discovery" Webinar

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As part of the tributes for the fifth anniversary of the death of the doctor and constructivist theorist Seymour Papert, the webinar “Learning through exploration and discovery” will take place on Friday, July 31, at 3pm GMT, which will address the Topics covered in the book "Knowledge Builders: Papert and his vision".

The publication, organized by RedLATE México, Conacyt México, RedCUDI (Mexican academic network) and the Latin American Institute of Educational Communication (ILCE), is a compilation of articles by experts such as Germán Escorcia Saldarriaga (vice president of the World Council of Governments of the General Program Information Center - UNESCO), Eleonora Badilla Saxe (Rector of the Castro Carazo University, Costa Rica), Michael Quinn (Founder and President of LCSI) and Claudia Marina Vicario Solórzano (Leader of RedLATE). All the experts will be present at the webinar sharing their insight on Papert's legacy and the articles they wrote.

The participation on the webinar is free of charge, but requires registration, which can be done at Once the registration is made, the connection data will be sent by e-mail.

For more information about the event, its agenda and speakers, please visit