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Why to collaborate?

RedCLARA is an international non-profit organization whose legal existence dates from December 23, 2003. Since its inception, RedCLARA has played a leading role in the development of science, education, culture and innovation in Latin America through the innovative use of advanced networks.
We are proud to have a robust and reliable high-speed network, used exclusively for research and education development. In addition, we have developed a wide range of services dedicated to improving the collaborative work of academics, scientists and researchers.
Our operation is supported by the contribution of 13 national networks in Latin America, but the rapid advance of technology requires a larger budget, which allows us to maintain the quality and capacity of our network and also of our services.
If you believe that RedCLARA fulfills the role mentioned above, we invite you to participate in our donation program.

TRANSPARENCY: All the received donations will be used to develop our infrastructure and services. We conduct an annual external audit that reviews the received contributions and how it was used. You will have access to all this data.


Through our crowdfunding initiative, in addition to collaborating with RedCLARA, companies can - according to the laws of their countries of origin - benefit from the tax exemption. We have a team of legal and tax professionals who are available to give you all the necessary support and help you choose the most convenient option for your company.

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