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In pursuit of its mission of "strengthen the development of science, education, culture and innovation in Latin America through the innovative use of advanced networks," RedCLARA promotes the formation of research and/or regional innovation communities, and supports the work of those who are already established. For this, it not only relies on its powerful network infrastructure, but also offers its applications and services, all designed to enhance collaboration and networking.


A community is a group of experts (researchers and/or academics) from different parts of the world who share a common interest using ICT tools with the intention of developing joint initiatives to share good practices, experiences and the knowledge acquired in their area of work.

RedCLARA, in coordination with the Latinamerican national networks, provides and supports the work of the communities, acting as an articulator, strengthening the work of existing groups and supporting the generation of new groups.


- Get in touch with peers around the world
- Sharing good practices and experiences
- The opportunity to be part of initiated activities or to propose others that integrate members from different regions of the world
- Participate in activities of academic diffusion

Since its implementation in 2004, RedCLARA has boosted the creation of almost one hundred research communities of academic nature and has strengthened the work of innovation communities, like TICAL (Information and Communication Technologies of Latin America) and others, which bring together IT Directors, technical staff and academics around the use of ICT in research centers, museums, university hospitals, and other organizations linked to higher education and research.


To be part of an already established community, you must register at Colaboratorio and request your access to the group. If you need more information about the group, you can contact the community leader.

If you'd like to suggest a new community, please contact

Tania Altamirano L.
Coordinator of Communities of RedCLARA