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The CEO of FIWARE Foundation, Ulrich Ahle, and the Executive Director of RedCLARA, Luis Eliécer Cadenas, on behalf of the respective entities, signed a cooperation agreement, in the framework of the "9th FIWARE Global Summit", held in June, in Vienna (Austria).

The agreement establishes the basic principles of cooperation for non-commercial activities, including research and training projects, programmes and dissemination activities, and has a duration of one year, automatically renewable for similar periods, unless one of the parties gives notice of termination.

The parties aim to promote technology standards that improve the quality of services in a city, country or region, with transparency, best practices and citizen participation and are interested in collaborating in areas such as building ecosystems in smart cities, agriculture, water, and smart industry, providing guidelines on how to use FIWARE technology for open standards.

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On the occasion of the closing ceremony of the TICAL2021 Conference, last September 2, the Executive Directors of CEDIA (Ecuador), CUDI (Mexico), REUNA (Chile) and RNP (Brazil), with the mutual conviction that the Security of Information is of great value to institutions, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with RedCLARA for the creation of the Cyber Security Group of NRENs in Latin America.


The agreement aims to “facilitate the implementation of specific activities, with the objective of establishing the minimum requirements for the identification, establishment, coordination, development and implementation of the Cybersecurity Group, through collaboration between RedCLARA's member networks in the Information Security and Cybersecurity areas”.

The five signatory networks - CEDIACUDIREUNARNP and RedCLARA-

will initially make up the Group's Coordination Committee, with the aim of reaching agreements on the principles and conditions under which cooperation for the creation and implementation of the Cybersecurity Group will be held, and on the inclusion of new member networks of RedCLARA.

According to the MoU, cooperation may be carried out through joint project planning, coupling of developments in the areas of Information, Security and Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity certification for member institutions, development of security tools and services in cybersecurity, cybersecurity training and awareness programs, and alliances with organizations and manufacturers, among others. The Group may also incorporate other lines of action that are important and useful for RedCLARA's member networks.


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LA Referencia, RedCLARA and the Research Data Alliance United States (RDA-US) signed -during September 2021- a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that formalizes their relationship. The organizations will seek the establishment of the implementing principles of openness, consensus, inclusivity and harmonisation to build a social and technical infrastructure that enables open sharing and re-use of research data between regions to improve communication, to facilitate the exchange of resources, and technical capabilities.


Some of the primary lines of action of this memorandum will include: 

  • Facilitating national and transnational engagements, including the incorporation in Interest Groups and Working Groups or the creation of these to address data-related issues critical to LA Referencia and RedCLARA research community and the public at large.
  • Promoting the organization of events and training to support the adoption of best practices in research data management across Latin America and Spain.
  • Supporting the development of shared services and common standards, including policy development, capabilities and infrastructure interoperability requirements.

For more information on the work of LA Referencia, please visit

For more information on the work of RDA-US, please visit

Download the MoU

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