RAGIERed Avanzada Guatemalteca para la Investigación y Educación / RAGIE


The Advanced Guatemalan Research and Education Network is a civil association without aims of profit, constituted by Universities, Research Institutes and other Guatemalan institutions dedicated to research and education. In order to acquire it aims, it develops projects through networks and by the operation of telecommunications.

The objective of the Association consists in promote the development of the Information Society, as well as the creation of academic and education networks in Guatemala, which will be able to be interconnected abroad with other networks of their same nature. The aims of the Association are the following ones:

• To cause the exchange of information, coincident with the scientific, academic intentions, of research and development of its members;
• To promote the use and extension of communication channels between the research, scientific, academic and of development institutions in Guatemala;
• Manage, operate or monitor national communication networks with an academic or related profile, national and interconnect with other international networks, through any electronic, digital or analog media.
• To keep members informed of the existence, characteristics and technological changes of the different national networks that are of interest for the purposes of this Association;
• To establish and maintain relationships with other entities and / or similar associations, both at the country and in the exterior for the better fulfillment of its objectives;
• To provide technical assistance for the different networks and information services; transmit to their partners and other users of global networks which are interconnected, information about resources and potential of the Republic of Guatemala;
• To provide training services for users and technical staff to operate networks;
• Facilitate communication and dissemination of information and knowledge between academia, research and development institutions of the country;
• To promote industrialization and optimization of information and telematic services, and
• To develop the projects it deems necessary, related or complementary to accomplish its purposes.


Executive and Technical: Luis Roberto Furlán Collver 
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