Peer Associates

CLARA’s Peer Associates correspond to advanced academic and research networks, with a continental scope, with characteristics similar to RedCLARA in terms of infrastructure and applications.

According to Article 9 of CLARA’s Statutes, to be a Peer Associate it is required: “a) to accredit interest in scientific-technological development and innovation; b) to submit 2 sponsorship letters from full associates; c) To request incorporation into the Association through a formal letter addressed to the Directing Council, accompanied with the original letters mentioned in b) attached. This letter must be signed by the representative of the requesting organisation”.

Obligations of Peer Associates:

According to Article 12 of RedCLARA’s statutes, the obligations of Peer Associates are: “To pay the Association’s ordinary and extraordinary fees established by the Assembly. The Assembly will be able to establish different fees for this type of Associates, depending on their contribution to the association and the benefits produced by these; b) to fully respect and enforce CLARA’s statutes”.

According to Article 13 of CLARA’s Statutes, their rights are:

“All associates have the right to: a) Receive regular reports produced by the Association’s administration in relation to its activities and financial situation; b) To make use of added value services offered by CLARA, in compliance with the policies established by the Directing Council”.

Peer Associates have the following rights: “a) To have a voice in Ordinary and Extraordinary Associate Assemblies”.

More information:

CLARA's Statutes (in force as of June 5th, 2012 - only in Spanish).


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