Technical Commission

The Technical Commission is an advisory organism of the Board of Directors of RedCLARA.

The functions of the Technical Commission are:

a) Technically plan the network including, among other activities, topology, equipment and operational characteristics;
b) To define the technical parameters for the assignment of the backbone connection capacities and of the access to the network;
c) To supervise the quality of service of the network and of the network management center;
d) To propose the technical project of the network to the Assembly, and
e) To carry out all the activities asked by the Board.
The Technical Commission is integrated by seven honorary members that are proposed by the RedCLARA partners, three of them represent the networks that has the broader bandwidth connections to the RedCLARA network, the other four are elected by the General Assembly. This Commission is yearly named and its members can be renewed totally or partially.

Te current members of this Commission are:

  • Presidente: Claudio Chacón, CEDIA, Ecuador
  • Vice Presidente: Javier Lizarazo, RENATA, Colombia
  • Marcelo Cancer, InnovaRed, Argentina
  • Sandra Jaque, REUNA, Chile
  • Carlos Fernandez, CONARE, Costa Rica
  • Hans Reyes, CUDI, Mexico
  • Luis Furlán, RAGIE, Guatemala

Along with its multiple tasks, the Technical Commission also coordinates the Work Groups that has been formed with the engineers of the different NRENs that are members of RedCLARA.


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