"The mother of the Internet": former president of RedCLARA was honored by the Uruguayan television on Women's Day


"A spectacular woman", "the mother of the Internet in Uruguay", "pioneer", "woman of character and attitude". These were just some of the accolades received by RedCLARA's former president, Ida Holz, in a tribute paid by the Uruguayan television channel Teledoce on Wednesday, March 8, on the occasion of International Women's Day.

The interview detailed Holz's trajectory in the development of the Internet in the country, as well as presenting her as an example of how women can achieve successes previously seen as exclusive to men. "Being a woman was never a limitation for me", said the teacher. "I do not think the Internet space is exclusively for men. It is a matter of character, rather than gender".

The teacher was also emphatic when asked about what is necessary so that there is no more violence against women in Latin America: "We need education from the earliest age and women who are abused to have the courage to defend and denounce abuses publicly".

Ida Holz (78) is a prominent engineer who was part of the first generation of university graduates trained in Computer Engineering in Uruguay and was a pioneer in building the human network that later allowed Internet development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Her most relevant contributions have been at regional level. During the early 90s, she was part of a group of regional Internet pioneers whose collaborative efforts in search of critical mass and cooperation made possible the development of the first national networks that served as the basis for the development of what is now the Internet in Latin America.

She was also part of the region's major organizational initiatives. She played a leading role in the construction of the Latin American Network Forum, the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and Caribbean (LACNIC), the organization of Latin American and Caribbean ccTLDs (LACTLD), and the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (CLARA).

The complete interview is available at http://www.teledoce.com/programas/calidad-de-vida/homenajeamos-a-ida-holz-la-ingeniera-uruguaya-que-fue-pionera-en-internet/

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