ICT Collaboration has another ally: get to know Foodle, the new tool of Colaboratorio


The service is already available on the platform and facilitates scheduling meetings between academics and researchers.

One of the main challenges in these times of international cooperation is to find time to make it real. Researchers, academics and those involved with ICT in universities have busy schedules and sometimes is difficult to find a space for new meetings and conferences, especially when there is time zone difference.
In order to make it easier, Colaboratorio presents an important new tool, called Foodle.

Foodle is a service provided by UNINETT that allows inviting people, via email, to answer about their date and time preferences for meetings. Simply put, the administrator of the meeting informs its title/theme, objectives and a number of possibilities to be voted by the guests, allowing them to get a consensus.

The system also allows assigning deadlines for responses, setting the location of the event, its time zone - in case of international meetings - and even the proposal of new dates by the participants. In practice, Foodle also saves the time that would be spent on long discussions by email or message apps in the search for the best schedule.

All those who have an account at Colaboratorio and enjoy services such as Fondos y Socios, VC Espresso and eNVIO, can now access the benefits of Foodle. If you are not yet subscribed, create your account now at http://colaboratorio.redclara.net/registro/?lang=es


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