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fys enFrom today we invite you to meet the alerts of Funding and Partners, a service taylored to your research needs. What do you have to do to access to it? Noting!, cause every week RedCLARA will send you a list of active funds that may be of your interest according to your profile in Colaboratorio.


From March 8 RedCLARA will send every user registered in Colaboratorio, every week, a list of active funds that may be of their interest according to their profile in Colaboratorio.

In Funding and Partners you may find opportunities for the development of research projects and identify among Colaboratorio users, potential peers to start collaborative endeavours in your areas of interest.

The service is part of RedCLARA’s collaboration platform, Colaboratorio, and displays important elements:

  • Calls: with information about the calls for submission of projects made by various funding sources, whose expiration dates are close to date. Using the available options, you can sort them alphabetically or by release date. Also, if you know a source of funding that is not included among the options, you may suggest the incorporation of this fund to the database by sending a URL and a message to the administrator.
  • Looking after Partners: list of possible contacts, filtered from Colaboratorio’s user database, according to the profile information provided by the users.
  • Notifications: publications made by others who seek to find new members for their projects or have announced their willingness to be added to other existing searches. The users can also publish a notice specifying the discipline, their country of origin and providing a brief description of their interests.

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