LACNIC launches call for papers for its new Technical Forum


The LACNIC Technical Forum (FTL, for its acronym in Spanish) is a new space created within the framework of LACNIC's annual events to provide the international community the chance to present their technical experiences, work and initiatives around a central theme: Internet development in Latin America and the Caribbean.

TNC18 early bird registration now open


‘Intelligent Networks, Cool Edges?’ is the theme of TNC18, the annual conference of GÉANT, the pan european education and research network. TNC18 will be held in Trondheim, Norway between 10th and 14th June and hosted by UNINETT, the Norwegian National Research and Education Network. Trondheim, the tech capital of Norway, offers the ideal backdrop for TNC18’s stimulating theme.

"Latin American Tour": RedCLARA’s Executive Director visits regional advanced networks to strenghten collaboration

eliecer mexico

Five months of intense work and a daily life that involves airports, check-ins, hotels and the packing and unpacking of luggage. It could be the tour of some singer, but it is the routine of the Executive Director of RedCLARA, the Venezuelan Luis Eliécer Cadenas. Since August 1, 2017, his first day as the regional network chairman, Cadenas has visited many of the Latin American countries and its respective national networks with a clear goal: to strengthen relations and understand the reality of each of them from close. "These were intense and positive months. For me it is very important to listen what each of our members is doing and understand its internal work logic. This will make it easier for RedCLARA to contribute to its development", says Cadenas.

RedCLARA and RICAP sign agreement to create cooperation mechanisms

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Aiming to establish a regulatory framework with respect to cooperation mechanisms between the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (RedCLARA) and the Ibero-American Network of High Performance Computing (RICAP), both institutions signed, on December 11, 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in which commit, among other actions, to exchange and promote its experiences and best practices, provide and carry out joint training and teaching activities, and integrate its cloud computing platforms into a single infrastructure.

DeCLARA #51 is already available online

declara51The latest edition of RedCLARA's quarterly newsletter, the DeCLARA. is already available. Among other topics, the publication brings the announcement of the headquarters of TICAL2018, a summary of the first five months of Luis Eliécer Cadenas in front of the regional network, notes on the agreements signed by the network in Bolivia and Venezuela, and the chronicle of a global collaboration that recorded the incredible fusion of two neutron stars.

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