NRENs in the World


Latin America Pantone 185C Countries connected to RedCLARA RedCLARA logo
Pantone 695C Potential countries to be connected to RedCLARA

Caribbean Pantone 695C Members of C@ribnet C@ribnet logo

United States

Pantone 273C

Internet2 | ESnet

Internet2 logo ESnet logo

Canada Pantone 323C CANARIE CANARIE logo

Pan - Europe Pantone 367C Countries connected to GÉANT GÉANT logo
Pantone 365C Countries within the scope of GÉANT

South Caucasus Pantone 7465C HP-SEE HP-SEE logo

Central Asia  Pantone 5285C Countries connected by CAREN CAREN logo
Pantone 5295C Potential countries to be connected by CAREN

Afghanistan Pantone 8062C SILK    

Asia Pantone 603C APAN | TEIN3 APAN logo logo tein3

North Africa and Middle East Pantone 172C EUMEDCONNECT3 EUMEDCONNECT3 logo

Middle East (Arab States) Pantone 169C ASREN (EUMEDCONNECT3 + Arab States) ASREN logo

West Africa Pantone 1565C WACREN WACREN logo

Sub-Saharan Africa (East) Pantone 2582C Countries connected to UbuntuNet Alliance UbuntuNet Alliance logo
Pantone 2562C Potential countries to be connected to UbuntuNet Alliance

Pantone 7528C Countries not connected to a regional network


Other international networks not specified on the map:

  GLIF logo GLIF is an international virtual organization that promotes the paradigm of networking in lambdas. The NRENs, consortia and institutions involved in GLIF are located in: Asia-Pacific, Asia-India, Australia, Europe, Europe-India, North America, South America and USA.
  GLORIAD logo GLORIAD connects scientists from the United States, Russia, China, Korea, Canada, the Netherlands, India, Egypt, Singapore and Nordic Countries with Advanced cyberinfrastructure.
  Orient Plus logo ORIENT Plus connects institutions within China and to China with GÉANT (Europe).


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