Technical Description

RedCLARA is responsible for the implementation and management of the network infrastructure that interconnects the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) of Latin America. With several universities and research centers connected to RedCLARA, many projects that suffered with the lack of an adequate infrastructure to support communication and collaboration are now able to advance, and they are doing it.

The backbone of RedCLARA is comprised of ten main routing nodes connected in a point-to-point topology. Each main node (IP - Internet Protocol) characterizes a PoP (Point of Presence) for RedCLARA; nine of them are located in a different Latin American country -Sao Paulo (SAO - Brazil), Buenos Aires (BUE - Argentina), Santiago (SCL - Chile), Lima (LIM - Peru), Guayaquil (GYE - Ecuador), Bogota (BOG - Colombia), Panama (PTY - Panama), San Salvador (SSV - El Salvador) and Tijuana (TIJ - Mexico)-, while the tenth is placed in Miami (MIA - United States).

All LA-NREN connections to the RedCLARA network, are ending at one of the nine Latin American nodes. Thanks to the ALICE (ended in March 2008) and ALICE2 (running from December 2008 to August 2012) projects, the RedCLARA backbone is interconnected with a multi-gigabit pan-European data communications network named GÉANT through the RedCLARA SAO PoP to the GÉANT2 entry point in Madrid (Spain - ES). RedCLARA is also connected to USA trough the links established in RedCLARA's PoP in MIA and SAO, the first one connected to the Atlantic Wave exchange point and the second to the MAN LAN in New York. Some important links have been gave to RedCLARA by RNP and WHREN-LILA. RNOP has contributed with two links of 1 Gbps between Panama and Miami, and a 10 Gbps stretch between Santiago (Chile) and Miami.

In terms of capacity, RedCLARA is developing a new infrastructure between the Latin American nodes; this infrastructure is based in IRUs (Irrestrictible Right of Use) at 10 or 15 years. Thanks to this, RedCLARA already has dark fibre in Central America going from Panama to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico, a 10 Gbps backbone between Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), and a lambda of 10 Gbps between Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Porto Alegre (Brazil).

When an LA-NREN makes a connection to RedCLARA, it is through one of the ten main nodes deployed in the RedCLARA backbone. This connection gives access to RedCLARA backbone for the LA-NREN and the LA-NREN's clients, and is designated as an Access Point.


Backbone of RedCLARA and current LA-NRENs connected
September 2014

Topology Graph Sept - 2014



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