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In its quest to fulfil its mission of “strengthening the development of science, education, culture and innovation in Latin America through the innovative use of advanced networks”, RedCLARA promotes the creation of regional research communities and supports the work done by already established communities. To do this, it not only relies on its powerful network infrastructure, but also provides scientists and researchers across the region with free access to its applications and services, all of them developed in order to strengthen collaboration and networking.

Since its implementation in 2004, RedCLARA has promoted the creation of nearly a hundred research communities of an academic nature. And in order to keep going along this road, RedCLARA invites you to become part of its community. Learn how to do this by clicking here >>

Under the wing of CLARA-TEC, RedCLARA’s technical forum -led by the Technical Commission-, work groups have expanded and achieved significant developments for Latin American education and research. Implementation of IP telephony, advancements in routing, mobility, measurements, security, videoconference and multiconference, are some of the major accomplishments of these groups.

Since 2009 to date, 25 technical work groups have been created in RedCLARA; learn more about them by clicking here >>

With the aim of making a contribution to the issues involved in the role and work of Information and Communication Technologies Directors (ITD) from universities across the region, since 2001 the TICAL community – a network of Latin American ITD from universities across the region – has created a space which aims to strengthen the permanent improvement of their institutions.

The TICAL Conference is the space where this entire community comes together face to face, to feed on the experiences, initiatives and knowledge presented by the same universities, contributing with significant and novel ICT solutions in higher education institutions, in all areas of university work. Learn more about the TICAL Conference and the different community activities by clicking here >> 

RedCLARA is Networked Collaboration

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