Telehealth TTP-LA

Name: Telehealth Public Policies in Latin America TTP-LA
Began on: 2008
Finished in: 2011
Funding: IDB

General objective: To develop guidelines for the implementation of Telehealth policies in Latin America, through the exchange of experiences that enable their elaboration, implementation and evaluation. 

Participants: Brazil: UFMGMS –Agency responsible for implementation, Ministry of Health, RNP/RUTE, City of Belo Horizonte; CLARA (Latin America); Mexico: Ministry of Health, CENETEC, CINVESTAV; Ecuador: Ministry of Public Health, CEDIA, FUNDATEL; Colombia: Ministry of Social Protection, RENATA; Argentina - Ministry of Health, Chile - Ministry of Health, EL Salvador - Ministry of Health, Uruguay - Ministry of Health, Peru - Ministry of Health.

Financed by the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank), the Telehealth Public Policies in Latin America project aims to build an organizing process for the establishment of rules and regulations for the implementation of national telehealth policies in Latin America through discussions of ongoing experiences in this field thus making accessible structuring experiences of national networks and as a result leverage the development of technological structures able to connect different health care units at a reasonable price.

The expected results are:

  • The creation of a Telehealth Working Group in Health Policies in Latin America.
  • The development of strategies and procedures for the creation of a Laboratory of Excellence and Innovation in Telehealth in Latin America.
  • The development of strategies and procedures for the creation of a University Network devoted to Telehealth.
  • The elaboration of directives for implementation of Telehealth Public Policies in Latin America.
  • The creation of an e-Course on Telehealth Public Policies for Latin America.
  • In the project context, CLARA will participate in the articulation of LA institutions and in the dissemination within the region; it will also look forward to found new collaborative projects.


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