elciraName: Europe Latin America Collaborative e-Infrastructure for Research Activities - ELCIRA
Began on: June 1, 2012
Finished in: October 2014
Funding: EC – FP7 - Infrastructures
Website:  http://www.elcira.eu/

General objective: To coordinate a series of collaboration tools and services developed in Europe and Latin America in order to provide an interoperability framework which facilitates the work done by research groups in Europe and Latin America and promote collaboration in joint research projects.

Participants: RedCLARA (Uruguay), Coordinating institution, DANTE (United Kingdom), GARR (Italy), RNP (Brazil), RENATA (Colombia), TERENA (Netherlands), RedIRIS (Spain).



  • To foster the creation of federations in LA for authentication, authorisation and identity (AAI) mechanisms and its integration with Europe’s EduGAIN.
  • To coordinate the development and deployment of collaboration tools and services for research communities of Europe and Latin America by:
  • Setting the grounds for the development of a Europe-Latin America High Quality Video Conference Service integrated with EduCONF.
  • Create and promote a prototype collaboration Portal for user communities of both continents, based on a Cloud Style version of RedCLARA’s Portal enriched with open source toosl developed in Europe.
  • To establish the necessary co-ordination and agreements to foster the deployment of eduroam services in the Latin American countries.
  • To actively promote collaboration of Latin American and European researchers through the adequate of access to information, dissemination of funding opportunities, training and supporting the use of electronic collaboration tools and other activities.


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