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Name: Building the Europe Link with Latin America - BELLA
Starting date: June 1, 2016
Funding: Financing is provided by the European Union via DG-CONNECT - EUR 5 million - and DG-GROWTH - EUR 8.56 million.
Website: under development

General Objective: BELLA will strengthen connectivity between Latin America and Europe ensuring very high, cost effective capacity, shorter routes and diversely stimulating data sharing over the transatlantic segment. This will be done by securing guaranteed long-term use of spectrum on a direct telecommunications submarine cable between Latin America and Europe and implementing sufficient capacity between the GÉANT and RedCLARA networks to match the needs of the research and education communities in the two regions.

Members: Europe:DFN (Germany), FCT|FCCN (Portugal), GARR (Italy), GÉANT (pan-Europe), RedIRIS (Spain), RENATER (France)
Latin America: CEDIA (Ecuador), RENATA (Colombia), REUNA (Chile), RedCLARA (Latin America), RNP (Brazil)

Specific Objectives:

  • To obtain Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) of 40 optical channels on a direct submarine cable between Europe and Brazil.
  • To deploy two upgradeable 100Gbps links for:
    • GÉANT-RedCLARA interconnection;
    • Copernicus traffic.


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